Post Card Contest Guidelines

copy-collage-of-post-cards-crop-2.jpgENTRIES ARE NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED

Stop into the Library to see the wonderful post cards which were created and vote for your favorite.

The contest:

The audience for Shakespeare’s plays was mainly theater goers from the general public so what could be more fitting for this contest than a People’s Choice Award! Celebrate Shakespeare’s 449th birthday by entering a post card and then help chose a People’s Choice Award winner by voting at the Fiske Public Library for your favorite post card. See eligibility below.

KP+wr-2-win-adv-copyKP students (from all 3 towns, grades 7-12) your post card(s) are eligible to be entered in an IPad Mini drawing and awesome postcards are eligible for three awards (see below) in addition to the People’s Choice Award.



Here’s the deal — there are no restrictions on how you make a post card as long as it has a quote from Shakespeare and an image that you feel relates to that quote. The idea that drives this program is for everyone to gain an appreciation for Shakespeare 🙂 and to make it fun there are prizes and voting at an exhibition of your creations at the Fiske Library.

So you don’t see yourself as artist or technologically inclined or know “Much Ado About Nothing” ugh i.e. Shakespeare. Or for some other reason you just can’t seem to get a post card done 🙁  Hold on a minute, we still want to hear from you!  So choose an image and quote and give it to us and we’ll put your idea together for you in post card format.  But do give making it yourself a try first!

Here’s an example of how you might submit an entry you’d like to combine in post card format via cell phone:  draw an image, take a photo of it with your phone, then email or text it to us with your quote from Shakespeare OR take a picture with your phone and email or text it to us with your quote from Shakespeare.

There are a GAZILLION ways to enter; we don’t think we can make it any easier for you. In fact we are pretty close to doing the post card for you! Just kidding! You can enter on-line, via email and text message, or drop off your entry at the Fiske Public Library. There is even a post card template in Word that you may use. Oh and let’s not forget you can even PM it to us on Facebook too! Our favorite postcards of course will be the ones you create!

For all entries, please include your name, your email address, your grade, and parent/guardian contact info (an email or phone). For your convenience, below are downloadable entry forms.

Congrats in advance to the winners!!

bullet-2 ENTRY FORM Click on this link to enter on-line:

Alternately you can:

  • email your post card(s) to
  • drop it off at the Fiske Public Library, 110 Randall Road, Wrentham.
  • text it — email for the number
  • send it via Facebook

Okay basically, if you’ve read this far and have figured out what you want to do then you probably don’t need to read any further 🙂 If you have additional questions hopefully we’ve answered them below, if not shoot us (Jacqueline Volpe) an email at and we’ll do our best to help ya out.

For uploading, please refer to the on-line entry form for image size and format requirements or these tips Post-Card-Help-Sheet 4_5
Blank post card template: Word-blank-post-card-template
Using this template is optional — your post card may be any size or shape.

Okay now that we got that posted, anyone know what year Shakespeare was born? Look for the answer below 🙂


KP students and all community members are invited to participate. All entries will be displayed at the Fiske Public Library where everyone may be part of the birthday celebration by voting for a People’s Choice Award winner.
Birthday’s usually include presents, don’t they? Submissions from KP students in grades 7-12 will be entered into a drawing for an IPad Mini, and are also eligible for the Creative Awards, and the People’s Choice Award.
Younger children, adults, teachers, and other members of the community are encouraged to create a post card for display at the Fiske Public Library. These post cards will be eligible for the People’s Choice Award.
Everyone who submits a post card will be eligible for the People’s Choice Award and a special gift — only KP students in grades 7-12 will be eligible for the IPad Mini drawing and Creative Awards, a bust of the Bard and some fabulous gift cards.


Identify the quotation used on the post card: such as, character, play, act, scene, or poem.
All mediums, including computer device / cell phone generated and hand crafted work, are allowed.
Some designers will find it easier to choose a quote then look for an image to match other it; others will choose the image first and then search for a quote. Approaching it either way is good. Search for a word and take it from there. Your local library will have many of Shakespeare’s works and you can also check out internet search engines such as
If an aspect of a post card you create is not originally yours, please give credit where credit is due. Use citations or include the source information with your entry either directly on your postcard (preferable) or if it is lengthy include it separately.
Access to a computer and editing software is available at the studios of Wrentham Community Cable Access. They are located in the Wrentham Developmental Center at 131 Emerald St., Building C. Their web address is: and their telephone number is 508-384-6275 (call for hours).
Okay so just what is a deltiologist?  Look for the answer below 🙂


Enter up to 2 post cards. Unless you create more for extra credit in school, then we definitely want to see them all! (But only two will be entered in the iPad mini drawing).
All entries are eligible for the People’s Choice Award; winner to be chosen by votes.
Only KP student grades 7-12 entries will be eligible for the IPad Mini drawing.
Only KP student grades 7-12 entries will be eligible for Creative Awards. A mix of people (from the Community will decide on the winners.) Creative Awards will be given for postcards which best exemplify the following three categories:
Creative Design.
Technologically Innovative Design.
The Coolest use of Shakespeare’s Work. (i.e. the best quote/image connection.)
Winners will be announced on the Wrentham Reads website and/or your school and parent/guardian will be notified.


bullet-1EXHIBITION/VOTING & National Postcard Week

To celebrate your creativity and scholarship post card entries will be displayed at the Fiske Public Library.  FELLOW STUDENTS AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS MAY VOTE FOR THEIR FAVORITE POST CARD AT THE LIBRARY FROM April 30th to May 29th. The post card with the most votes will win the People’s Choice Award.
In addition, select post cards may be chosen for special exhibitions, for example, on our website, on community cable, and around town.
The post cards will be reproduced in a way that is reasonable to the medium in which we are re-publishing the work such as print, website, television, or social media applications. For some applications we may require original images and/or a high resolution image file. So please hang on to your original. The post cards may be modified or a derivation may be created for media existing now or media developed in the future relating to Wrentham Reads. With your permission, creative credit will be attributed to the artist on each card your submit or in a separate listing. For entries under the age of 18 parental consent is required to list your name. If you provide parent contact info with your entry we will seek permission to display your post cards with your name, if you do not provide parent consent we may still display your post card anonymously in the People’s Choice exhibit and re-publish it as stated above. You are still eligible for the prizes.  If at any time, you do not wish to have your post cards displayed, please send us an email with your request to We reserve the right not to display a post card. Thank you.

National Postcard Week —  May 1-7th — share your post card with someone — text, email, FB, even snail mail it.


Below, are examples of post cards created with quotes from Shakespeare’s work for you to reference as starting off points when creating your post card. These are just examples, feel free to get creative with the layout, sizes, etc., etc..
Sample post card Leontes

Front of post card. Reverse is blank.


FRONT. Quote from Macbeth on back. (see back below)


BACK. Macbeth quote with Blake print (above) on front.




Wrentham Reads strives to comply with the guidelines set forth in the Children’s On-Line Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which apply to personal information collected from children under the age of 13. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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