Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Kathryn Stumpenhagen, grade 12. The Merchant of Venice.1ks - Copy

Melissa Sherwood, grade 8. A Midsummer Night’s Dream.34ms - Copy


Jaron May, grade 8. All’s Well That Ends Well.Jaron-May

Colby Koch, grade 8. All’s Well That Ends Well.2Colby-Koch

Shane Quinn, grade 8. Twelfth NightShane-Quinn


Susu Klein, grade 11. The Tempest.Susi-Klein-(2)

Sterling Johnston, grade 8. Romeo and Juliet.Sterling-Johnson

Keith Kahaly, grade 8. Julius Caesar.Keith-Kahaly-(2)

Caroline Tomsik, grade 11. Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Justine Durand, grade 8. Love’s Labor’s Lost.Justine-Durand

Hazam Ihjul, grade 8. Henry VIII.

Hazam Ihjil (2)

Ben Palmer, grade 8. Twelfth Night.

5bp - Copy

Erin Daly, grade 8 Twelfth Night.

21ed - Copy

Bella Coleman, grade 12. Two Gentlemen of Verona


Rashida Sesay, grade 9. Romeo & Juliet

6rs - Copy

All Honorable Mention winners received a Wrentham Reads Shakespeare 2013 Award Certificate.

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