People’s Choice

The People’s Choice winner is Lauren Poirer, grade 8. As You Like It.


The Next Top 5 People’s Choice Nominees

Sarah Wiik, grade 8. Merry Wives of Windsor.


Rachel Ayres, Wrentham Resident, KP Alum. Macbeth.

-- Ayres not KP

Daniel Vieira, grade 8. Twelfth Night.




Katelynn Altobello, grade 9. All’s Well That Ends Well.


Catie Kelly, grade 8. Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Catie Kelly

The People’s Choice winner received a gift certificate to Forekicks and a Will Award (a bust of William Shakespeare) and a Wrentham Reads Shakespeare 2013 award certificate. Each Honorable Mention received an award certificate.

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