Mini-masterpieces: Post cards to Shakespeare

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00lc - Copy 1ks - Copy 2dh - Copy 3sm - Copy 4ks - Copy 5bp - Copy 6rs - Copy 7lw - Copy 8md - Copy 9cs - Copy 10ck - Copy 11ea - Copy 12ms - Copy 13vc - Copy 14jd - Copy 15hi - Copy 16jm - Copy 17gc - Copy 18md - Copy 19se - Copy 20ct - Copy 21ed - Copy 22kk - Copy 23bc - Copy 24hi - Copy 25jf - Copy 26jw - Copy 27n - Copy 28sk - Copy 29bc - Copy 30md - Copy 31lt - Copy 32rs - Copy 33cg - Copy 34ms - Copy 35jh - Copy 36vc - Copy 37sr - Copy 38ks - Copy 39lt - Copy 40gu - Copy 41s - Copy 42sd - Copy 43gd - Copy 44ka - Copy 45aoh - Copy 46rw - Copy 47bmh - Copy 48mol - Copy 49tp - Copy 50er - Copy 52m - Copy 53jm - Copy 54kk - Copy 55sk - Copy 56bp - Copy 57dv - Copy 58rg - Copy 59bj - Copy 60jc - Copy 61ao - Copy 62mr - Copy 63bj - Copy 64mda - Copy 65sq - Copy 66sj - Copy 67md - Copy 68sd - Copy 69jm - Copy 70sr - Copy 71kt - Copy 72pr - Copy 73ms - Copy 74md - Copy 75ck - Copy 76sw - Copy 77lp - Copy

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One thought on “Mini-masterpieces: Post cards to Shakespeare

  1. Mare Ambrose

    It was a tough decision: Creative 42sd; Technologically cool: 27 n or 33 cg (I can’t make up my mind which is best), Cool or most creative interpretation: 29bc. Some were very beautiful but there were spelling mistakes (unforgivable). I think 42sd was beautiful and creative and is the all-time favorite of them all.


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