Thank you!

Wrentham Reads would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for helping to make Wrentham Reads Shakespeare happen:

The Friends of the Fiske Library who graciously provided funding for the program.

The Librarians and Staff of the Fiske Public Library who helped in so many ways: Mary Tobichuk, Sharon Ayres, Mary Ellen Fitzgerald, Claudia Schumacher, LIz Nadow, and Nancy Daniels. I am sure I missed someone, in fact it would take an entire website to acknowledge them all and their boundless help.

Mare Ambrose who got the Wrentham Reads ball rolling with Emily Dickinson and was so helpful in getting Shakespeare going.

Christine Longdon, Eighth Grade Language Arts Teacher at King Philip Middle School who supported the program by encouraging her students to participate and with her love of Shakespeare.

Mr. Ryan Bennet, Information Technology Teacher at King Philip High School for encouraging his students to participate and provided them with his support.

Lisa Oliveira, Principal King Philip High School who kindly read my crazy emails and was always encouraging about a collaboration between Wrentham Reads, a community program, and the school.

Cathleen Zeigler-Carniero, Art Teacher at KPHS who encouraged her students to enter the post card competition.

Ned Fitzgerald for directing the Children’s Workshop and Mary Ellen Fitzgerald for painting beautiful backdrops that are now on display at the Library.

The Sweatt Fund for providing the funds for the Hempstead Players and Liz Nadow, the Fiske Children’s Librarian, who organized the event.

The panel of judges for the post card competition, many of which were also loyal advisors regarding the program: Maia Howes, Marcia Marinelli, Meg Wilkes, Mare Ambrose, Dyan Rook, Laurie Canning, Mary Tobichuk, Tino Volpe, and Phyllis Govoni. I know it was not an easy assignment to chose the winners because all the post cards were great. And it was often not easy to help me figure out in what direction to go next.

The Wrentham Senior Center who hosted the showing of Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet.

Dean College, especially David Krasner, Dean of the Arts, who gave a fabulous pre-talk before the live performance of Romeo and Juliet. Everyone who attended is still talking about how much they learned from you. Also, thank you to Vivivan Humphrey in the Dean College Theater Box Office who was my go to person at Dean.

Peter Marinelli, Esq. for sharing his expertise and his many helpful suggestions on how to get organized.

Wrentham Community Cable who taped the pre-talk at Dean.

Forekicks of Norfolk who donated a gift card for the Post Card competition.

Judi Miller and Julie Goss in the KP Middle School office who always help to distribute information and answer all of my many school related questions.

Matt D’Ambrosia for being the first student to enter a post card in the competition!

Janet for being the first blogger to pickup the post card competition and including it in her list of celebrations for Shakespeare’s 449th birthday!

Most of all a big thank you to my husband and two sons for their patience!

I hope everyone who helped to make Wrentham Reads happen has been included in this list, if not please accept my apology. ~ Jacqueline Volpe for Wrentham Reads





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